Eyes on the BHS Rifle Team

By Reagan Puhak (27), Maggie Zhao (27), and Mira Smith (27)

Despite being incredibly successful year after year, the BHS rifle team seems relatively unknown. Personally, we had no idea about the rifle range in the school basement that the team uses for practice. But after speaking to the coach, Mr Peters, and several team members we were able to get a better look at the team.The rifle team is based on the Olympic style of shooting with a fixed distance of 10 meters and air-powered rifles. They shoot from three positions, laying down, which is called prone, kneeling, and standing up. The rifle team focuses heavily on safety and is open to anyone who can take coaching and wants to be part of a team. Mr. Peters says his main piece of advice to anyone who is interested is to not be intimidated just because it’s a shooting sport. He said his best shooters are often people who have never done it before because they haven’t picked up any bad habits and are open to learning. 

Junior Ryan Capobianco, who has been on the team since freshman year says his favorite thing about rifle team is “getting to shoot with [his] friends, they’re all really nice people and Mr. Peters is great.” One thing he hopes to improve on this year is his standing position. Evangel Li, who has also been on the team since his freshman year agreed that his favorite thing about the team is the people. Another student said one thing they love about rifle team is that it “trains you to be patient and accurate in your thinking.” 

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