Inside Out: The Success of the 9-1 Bedford Boys Basketball Team

 By Timothy Dolan, Lookout Advisor

As basketball, and all sports become more analytics driven, the three point shot has become a bigger and bigger part of the game. The current BHS boys basketball team is bucking this trend. With four senior starters in Camdyn Shoesmith, Justice Bucahannan, Jameson Baer, and Justin Liberman, this Bucs team is generally just bigger than the teams they play. This core four has been augmented by their fifth starter, Sophomore Makhi Volchy, and strong bench performances by Seniors Jireh Joseph and Xavier Ruiz, and Junior Trevor Foreman. 

When asked about their style, Junior Aidan Monahan said they “Play big,” and focus on “efficient 2 point scoring and play through the post,” while Senior Jireh Joseph noted that they were “Fast, up and down the court” and Sophomore Makhi Volchy noted that they were a “Defense first” club. This bigger, faster, stronger approach seems to be working right now, as the team is currently 9-1. There are also signs that it may work in the future, as three point shooting, while effective, is far more volatile, and getting easy baskets inside during high pressure late game situations is a tried and true recipe for success.

Another key element of this team’s success is the tight-knit community. There is a sense of a shared goal. When asked what drove coach Halls the most crazy, every player interviewed answered with one word: “turnovers.” Thy also hold team lunches after practice on Wednesdays, and a few players, including Volchy and Joseph, tape their wrists in pregame in case they get a chance for the Shedeur Sanders watch flex. When asked what they enjoy most about their sport, Monahan noted that he enjoys being on “a team and hanging out with everyone, learning more about people, and building friendships,” while Volchy praised “the team experience.” 

This team appears ready for the moment as well, as multiple players noted that they were aware of how last year’s solid team didn’t make it past the first round of the state tournament, and were looking for ways to improve upon that finish. Joseph in particular felt like a Christmas tourney loss to Tewksbury, the team’s only loss of the season thus far, really galvanized the group. Multiple players also had the Waltham game circled as a measuring stick in the next few weeks, while pointing out that they aren’t overlooking anyone, and believe in the one game at a time approach. 

If you’re interested in catching the next few boys basketball games, their schedule is below:

7pm Friday 1/26 @ Westford Academy

7pm Tuesday 1/30 v. Shawsheen

6pm Friday 2/2 @ Acton-Boxborough

4pm Sunday 2/4 @ Waltham

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