Pi Kapanides: New Teacher Profile

By Maggie Zhao, 2027

Mr. Kapanides, or Mr. Kap as students call him, is one of the new teachers we’re welcoming to BHS this year, however Mr. Kap is no stranger to BHS as he was a graduate himself. Read his teacher profile below!

Goal in teaching? 

Mr. Kap is big about mental health and squashing the social stigma that comes with it. He also hopes to build relationships with every student he has.

What inspired him to become a teacher?

Mr. Kap attended and graduated from Springfield College, the same college where James Naismith invented basketball on campus as a graduate student in 1891. In college he played football and basketball, his personal preference was basketball. There was a class called Outdoor Pursuits where all the college freshmen would live outside for a week to learn a lot of skills. His favorite thing about it that also inspired him to be a teacher was that the experience really made people get out of their comfort zone and get to know more about the people around them. Another thing he learned from college was that it was all about serving others, students and teachers alike. Apart from everything else, he also learnt a lot about himself at college, and he truly values his college experience as a major event in his life.

What does Mr. Kap think about his role in the school?

Besides being a popular PE teacher and coach, Mr. Kap is also a co-advisor of Morgan’s Message along with Ms. Duffy. Morgan’s Message is a club at BHS that was created in 2019 after a college lacrosse player named Morgan Rodgers committed suicide after suffering a career ending injury. The club focuses on raising awareness for student athlete mental health. 

Fun Fact?

Since Mr. Kap’s first name is Panayiotis, his nickname used to be Pi!

We hope you enjoyed reading about Mr. Kap, and we wish everyone welcomes him as part of BHS’s community!

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