Charlie Puopolo: New Teacher Profile

By Arwen Fleet, 2025

Many people know Mr. Puopolo from his 26 years teaching at the middle school where he was a cheery dealer of nicknames. Prior to Bedford he worked 2 years in Winter Hill, Somerville. For those who have not yet had him as a teacher, Mr. Puopolo loves to joke around with students and give them funny nicknames. He teaches Manufacturing and Production levels one, two, and three and can be found in the shop (E108). During our interview we sat in C109 where it was 59° F quite chilly for me but he was in his element as he loves this type of brisk weather. Mr. Puopolo’s favorite food is cheese ravioli with meatballs, sausages, pork, and sauce. His grandfather used to make this meal at home. His favorite TV show is The Curse of Oak Island because he likes how the new discoveries change what we thought we knew about history. Mr. Puopolo has two 16 year old twins who enjoy fencing and running and his buddy a black lab named Jesse. In his free time Mr Puopolo enjoys fly fishing and woodworking. However, family time is his top priority.

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