Wisdom from the Class of 2024

By: The class 2024, compiled by The Lookout Staff

After four years at BHS, we wanted to get a sense of any wisdom our seniors could impart. Here’s what they had to say:

The Lookout: Any General Advice for Underclassmen?

  • “Just show up” – Porter Middents 
  • “Plan out your time and do your work on time” – Paul Caruso 
  • “Maintain a good life balance. Make sure you leave time for having fun” – Nathifah Houssein
  • “Take classes you want to take” – Samuel Zhao 
  • “Stay on top of work” – Ryley Graham 
  • “Study, play sports, have fun” – Sawyer Elliot 
  • “Live the grand experience”- you know who
  • “Make friends” -Riya Methratta
  • “Don’t try to participate in 500 clubs and sports; rather, find a couple activities that you’re really into and hone in on those.” – Andrew Lum

The Lookout: What’s something you’ve discovered that you really like across your time at BHS?

  • Melonball and The Lookout- Riya Methratta
  • Biology and chemistry, participating in the musical- Andrew Lum
  • Hurdles in track- Josie Donnelly
  • “Filming 30 minute movies for Spanish” – Zayd Qureshi

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