Senior Questions: Favorite Elective?

By The class of 2024, compiled by The Lookout Staff

We asked our current seniors “What elective would you most recommend taking?” and it was pretty close. While the array of answers highlighted the different interests of our student body and the awesome course offerings at BHS, there were three courses that stood above the crowd. The results are:

  • Film Analysis – Alex Mattson, Francesca Pellegrino
    • Francesca: “You get to watch movies in class and I discovered a lot of movies that I liked that I wouldn’t have watched otherwise.”

  • Wood Shop – Paul Caruso, Josie Donnelly
    • Josie: “It’s one of the few places here to learn hands on skills”

  • JROTC – Samuel Zhao, Zayd Qureshi

Some of the other most popular options include:

  • Music Theory – Andrew Lum, Sawyer Elliot
  • Foods and Nutrition – Sawyer Elliot, 
  • Creative Writing – Jakob Mikhaylov
  • Photography – Ryan Graham 
  • Physics – Siddarth Nandakishore
  • Psychology – Daniel Bendersky

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