BHS Students Accepted to Musical Festival

Per Nicole O’Toole, Performing Arts Director

Hello JGMS & BHS

These students in grade 7-9 have auditioned for and have been accepted into the Massachusetts Eastern District Junior Music Festival! They will be out of school on Friday 3/8 and will perform in honors ensembles with students from 30 nearby towns the next day. Please be sure to congratulate them!

From BHS:

Hugo Im playing trumpet in the jazz band.

Matthew Shin playing clarinet in the band.

Maggie Zhao playing violin in the orchestra.

From JGMS:

Jacob Halloran singing bass in the chorus.

Claire Han singing soprano in the chorus.

Cedric Last playing oboe in the band.

Brian Nam playing clarinet in the band.

Kira Shen playing percussion in the orchestra.

Darshan Vaidianathan playing violin in the orchestra.

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