Olivia Cigna: New Teacher Profile

By Timothy Dolan, Lookout Advisor

We are excited to welcome Olivia Cigna to the English Department this year! She is currently teaching 10th High Honors, 11th College Prep, and Writing Essentials, and moves between H203 and B208. This is Ms. Cigna’s second year of teaching overall, last year she “taught at Woburn Memorial High School while earning [her] master’s degree through Endicott College.” She noted that “It was definitely a lot of work teaching full-time and completing a master’s program in 1 year!!”

Her favorite story to teach is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, and while she doesn’t have a favorite story to read, she loves “the true crime genre and autobiographies.”

When asked about how she lies to spend her free time she noted “I like to read and exercise. Specifically, I go to boxing classes and have been boxing for about a year and a half now. As a new teacher, most of my time is spent working on school stuff or thinking about school stuff, so I’ve been wanting to get back into my hobbies lately.”

Ms. Cigna’s favorite food is “Cheese! All types of cheeses and pretty much anything with cheese.” She also spends time with her “sweet 12 year old rescue named Maddie” who is a terrier mix. In addition Ms. Cigna listens to “‘The Daily’ by The New York Times every morning. It’s a podcast about current events and news.” She also loves “true crime podcasts like ‘Crime Junkies.’” Her favorite artist is Taylor Swift and she is a self described “huge Swiftie” who also enjoys watching reality TV, including  dating shows and documentaries. 

Here at BHS She is “the faculty advisor of Student Government here at BHS,” a new club this year. We can’t wait to get to know you better as the year goes along!

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