What is Best Buddies?

By Becca Sachs, 2025

Best Buddies is an international nonprofit organization with the goal of creating friendships between individuals with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization was founded in 1989 and was the first social and recreational program for people with intellectual disabilities in the US. Aside from forming friendships the organization also works towards integrated employment, inclusive living, and disability leadership development.

 Here at BHS, we have our own Best Buddies club! Students that join have the opportunity to be paired with a student from the Bedford LABBB program. Bedford LABBB’s mission is to “Design and deliver special education services that promote academic, social and career independence in the most inclusive settings possible”. This one-on-one friendship is established at the start of the year’s match party and students’ bonds grow as the year goes on. It’s recognized that Best Buddies is one of the largest clubs at BHS and valued by many students both here and from LABBB. 

Throughout the year Best Buddies BHS hosts loads of fun activities for the club. The first meeting every year is always the match party as mentioned previously. At this event students that wish to have a one-on-one buddy come and find a pair of socks with their name on it. When their matched pair from the LABBB program arrives they will have a pair of socks with the same pattern as their buddy. Throughout the rest of the year there are more seasonal events held in the evening such as winter cookie decorating. Lexington also hosts monthly LABBB dances where many students from the club come to hang out/dance with their buddies. Overall, Best Buddies is a great way to get involved with your community and build lifelong meaningful friendships.

You can follow the Bedford High School chapter of Best Buddies on Instagram @bedfordbestbuddies for more!

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