March 26 & 27 is English MCAS

As a heads up to all students, next Tuesday March 26 and Wednesday March 27 is the English MCAS for Sophomores. Test takers, your day starts at 7:45. You will be assigned a testing room, and required to stay in this room until the warning bell. Please bring a book to read or paper work to complete during this time, as you will not be allowed to use technology when finished.

While mostly 10th grade students will take the test on this day, the school schedule will change for everyone. Take a look at the Tuesday and Wednesday schedules to make sure that you understand those days.

All other grades are not required to come in until 10:24, but are welcome to come in early. If you do so, plan to be in a designated study area away from test takers, likely the cafeteria, gym, or library. Busses will run at the regular time so that students can still make it in. Classes on Tuesday are 40 minutes each, and C and DE blocks are flipped.

Wednesday’s schedule and expectations look much the same as Tuesday, but with slightly different times. The day starts at 10:10 for all other grades, and classes are only 25 minutes. There are no changes in class order.

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