Announcing the BHS Tik Tok Dance Team!

By Tim Dolan, Lookout Advisor

In a continued attempt to cater to student interests, Bedford High School will be cutting the traditional spring sports of baseball, softball, and tennis to encourage students to audition for our new Tik Tok Dance Team! When reached for comment, new advisor and Assistant Principal Tom Casey  pointed out “we’re probably all going to be influencers any day now.” He also noted how he’s been watching Charlie D’Amelio Tik Toks “for the last 17 hours straight” and despite developing a twitch, he loves “how addicting it is!” 

Tryouts will be held in the upper B wing girls bathroom during second lunch on Monday April 1. Students who have class at this time are encouraged to ask if they can go to the bathroom, making sure to take their phone. They should plan to be out of class for at last twenty minutes. 

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