Phrases Students Love to Hear From their Teachers

By Tim Dolan, Lookout Advisor

While trends change, one of the most enduring aspects of life at Bedford High School is how supported our students feel by their teachers. To help showcase this bond, we asked some of our students to share the phrases that make them all warm and fuzzy.

Freshman Olivia Lewis noted how much she enjoys her teachers reminding her to “put away your phone,” pointing out “if they didn’t remind me, there’s a good chance I might miss the directions that are clearly printed at the top of the assignment, and then what would I do?”

On a similar note, Junior Kaylee Slowinski can barely contain her joy whenever a teacher says “I’m going to have to tell your parents.” She explained how “on days where I hear those words, I just can’t wait to get home and have a complex emotional conversation with my parents about my time management, often going over Aspen and Google Classroom in excruciating detail.”

Freshman Jayden Mael gets excited when, after a classroom phone rings, her teacher loudly and publicly tells her “Please head down to the principal’s office.” Mael pointed out how she “can’t wait to see what the administration has for her,” and how “it’s probably something really exciting,” before reverentially explaining “the last kid who got called down got to meet both assistant principals, a police officer, and even a couple dogs. I love dogs!”

Finally, Junior Owen Savage is particularly fond of the phrase “Can I see you after class?” He pointed out that when he hears this phrase he usually “struggles to stay focused on my work” because “not everyone gets to have a private conversation in a public place.” He went on to say “Most of my friends get really jealous whenever a teacher asks this question. Usually the class gets really quiet and everyone tries to hear what we are talking about. Some people have even asked me what happened when I come back. Their envy is palpable.”

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