A Farewell to Nick Kapotsis

By Andrew Lum, 2024

Nick Kapotsis is retiring after 20 years as a Computer Technician in the BPS Tech Department. In celebration of this, The Lookout conducted an interview with Mr. Kapotsis to learn a little more about his career. 

Kapotsis grew up in Athens, Greece and came to Boston in 1983 for college. He studied physical therapy and nuclear medicine technology. Neither major worked out, but during this time, he did part-time work at a restaurant and went on to become a cook for 20 years. 

After settling down and starting a family, Kapotsis switched his career to information technology. He held various private-sector positions, then in his words, “one job brought the other” and he landed in Bedford in 2004. 

As a Computer Technician, Kapotsis’ day-to-day responsibilities include troubleshooting issues from students, responding to tech tickets from teachers, replacing broken parts, fixing computers, and installing new software. He also works on several long-term projects, such as installing new hardware or imaging computers over the summer. 

Kapotsis described this position as his best job ever because of its low-pressure atmosphere. He says that “when you leave for home, you forget about the job, and you think about the job the next morning when you drive to work. You don’t take the job home with you.” The challenging part, though, is that he always has to keep up with ever-changing technology, which he does by studying, learning from others, and staying curious.

Asked what is different after 20 years, Kapotsis explained that the biggest change was wireless technology, saying that “the job [used to be] hands-on because it was all desktops… now, most of the job can be done sitting on your chair and working remotely.” However, he actually prefers the old way because he likes to deal with people in-person. He also said that the school building is much nicer than when he first arrived. 

Kapotsis credits his co-workers with creating a positive work environment for him. Asked what advice he would give to his successor, he said that the Tech Department has a great team and that any Computer Technician should learn from others, contribute prior knowledge, and blend with the team.

Outside of work, Kapotsis enjoys following sports across the world, namely soccer. He keeps his own statistics, participates in fantasy leagues, and has a favorite team in every country. He also likes to play board games with his children. After retiring, Kapotsis hopes to travel to Greece to visit family. Then, he says, “I’m definitely going to do something… but no plans yet.” 

Before concluding, did you know that Mr. Kapotsis could have been a DJ? Back in Greece, after finishing school, he worked as a DJ in Greek discos. One year, he was offered a summer job as a DJ, but before he could accept the offer, his passport came through, so he decided to move to the United States. Nowadays, his favorite music is heavy metal. 

The Lookout thanks Mr. Kapotsis for his service and sends its best wishes for the future! 

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