Kristina Sergi: New Teacher Profile

By Maggie Zhao, 2027

Mrs. Kristina Sergi is our new special education teacher, and although it’s her first year at BHS, it’s definitely not her first year of teaching. Read more about her below!

Where did she work / what did she do before coming to Bedford?

This is Mrs. Sergi’s eighth year of teaching! She taught at Northeast Metro Tech in Wakefield, MA, and she did agree she already feels a stronger connection with her students at BHS. She’s had a very wide range of students.

What does she love about BHS?

Mrs. Sergi loves how much school spirit BHS has (go Bucs!) and how the students love being at school (for the most part).  She especially loves how diverse the clubs are. Mrs. Sergi herself is the advisor for Model UN and the co advisor for the class of ‘27. She also feels that because of being the advisor for Model UN she was able to connect with many different kinds of students. Mrs. Sergi was also an avid participant in her newspaper club back when she was in high school! 

Where did she go for college?

Mrs. Sergi attended UMass Amherst for her undergrad and received her bachelor degree in English from there. She earned her masters at Cambridge. She originally was a journalism major and had worked as a teacher’s assistant for a non profit organization when she realized how much she loved working in the classroom and decided to become a teacher instead! 

Does she own any pets?

Yes! Mrs. Sergi owns one dog named Dexter, and he’s a little five year old shelter dog who’s a labrador mix.

What’s her favorite food and drink?

Mrs. Sergi loves pizza, fries, and sparkling water. Her favorite brand of seltzer is Spindrift, so be sure to take some notes if you know what I mean!

What does she do in her free time?

Mrs. Sergi enjoys writing some absolutely amazing and beautiful calligraphy (if you drop by her classroom you’ll know what I mean) and doing crafts. She loves spending time with her friends, and she’s big on traveling! She’s also very big on concerts, so far this year she’s gone to the following concerts: Ed Sheeran, Luke Combs, Zac Brown Band, Yellowcard, and the Jonas Brothers! 

What are her top three mottos?

Mrs. Sergi believes that you should stay true to yourself, be loyal to people you love, and truly don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams, even if it means changing your majors suddenly. 

Thanks for reading about our new teacher Mrs. Sergi, and be sure to welcome her to the BHS community! Go Bucs!

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